Slow Sunday

Sunday the start of a new week or at times it is the end of the week. If you’ve noticed, Sundays seems to be slow and a bit ghostly. Its like the mood is a bit sentimental and that the city is not in a rush. Maybe its me but every Sunday its like it is so chill. Why is that? Why is it that Sundays are meant for lazying around? Why is it that the songs on the radio are a bit sentimental and slow?

I’ve been thinking and thinking on how to answer the questions I posed. Its that feeling in which I can’t explain during Sunday, that chill vibe. Its as if the environment you are in is in slow motion its like everyone is just relaxing because the past 5-6 days they have been pushing it. For the past 5-6 days everyone has been pushing the pace, chasing their own greatness to be someone and on the last day every one is on the relax mode. We feel that its a bit sentimental or too relaxed because our adrenaline has died down. See our adrenaline is high during Thursday up until we sleep on Saturday because this is because we have time to do what we want, a break from work, and the anticipation of the end of the work week. That is why when Sunday comes we are either hungover or too tired to function and that is when the music on the radio comes in.

Why would they play slow, sentimental or light rock songs every Sunday? Because to go with the mood of its listeners. Not everyone wants to hear songs / music that will pump them after their adrenaline has died down in which all they want to do is laze around and prepare for the tremendous task which is taking on the first 2 days of the new week. The music / songs on the radio merely go with the vibe of the city.

Sunday, the day when we can recuperate. The day when we can reflect on the events that has transpired and the events that will transpire. The day when time moves slow and when we can all laze around and act like a bum in this fast paced world. Cheers to slow Sundays.

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