Hopelessly Hoping

You wake up in the middle of the night and stare at the wall or ceiling and think, What now? Why am I down? Why do I feel empty? Why am I not satisfied?

These questions – or some of them – plague our thoughts. They make us think of what-ifs, or, what-could-have-been. We are left hoping and thinking.

Our thoughts lead us to a deeper feeling towards an event or a person.  We end up hopig and thinking on the possibilities. We think of different plans such as A, B or C in the hope that if we act on the plan, it will lead us to our goal. We hope that our process to reach our goal – and our goal itself – will fulfill that emptiness, or cure that unquenched thirst. But, that’s the thing: we hope.

We are not guaranteed anything when we hope except for the promise of a warm embrace to comfort us. We hope, and continue to hope, even when we are in the process of putting the plan into action. We are hopelessly hoping that we will be fulfilled. But, we won’t, unless . . . 

Fulfillment happens if we live our life the way we want. We hope and hope to find that one thing that will make us complete. But, it is not one thing. It is a collection of things, a series of achievements that will satisfy us because by nature, one is never satisfied with just one thing.

That is why we continue to hope.